Shramik Bharti is Kanpur based NGO which work’s with both rural and urban communities. The areas where Shramik Bharti works is a plethora of diversity where on one end we work with communities living in urban slums of Kanpur which once upon a time was known as Manchester of East and remains once of the most industrialised cities of Uttar Pradesh. On the other end of the spectrum we have communities in rural areas of Kanpur which is characterised with large tracts of saline lands, ravine areas and also highly inaccessible pockets with extreme poverty. However the needs in their own manner of both these communities are the same. They lack access to capital for both consumption and productive needs, the access to states services and provisions especially in healthcare is almost negligible, there is utter lack of community organisations for influencing the policies having direct impact on their daily lives. The similarity does not end here, with changing economic scenarios the sources of livelihood are getting equally affected and both urban & rural communities have poor capacities for seeking and adopting newer and additional sources of livelihood. Women and children are the worst sufferers of these inadequacies with men often migrating to alternative locations and sources of livelihood. It is this with this perspective that Shramik Bharti works for empowerment of poor and underprivileged with special focus on women and children. Our mission is to facilitate and foster people’s democratic institutions & work with Shramik Bharti being recognised as a way of seeing and respecting people for creation of truly democratic society, free from exploitations.

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