The microfinance movement has changed its methodology, ideologies and scope since we formed our first SHG way back in 1989. During the initial period the emphasis was on expanding the outreach of the movement and enabling more people in getting dignified access to credit for fulfilling its consumption and productive needs. We saw women breaking the shackles of poverty, moving out to harness larger resources and setting paths for other women to follow – all this backed by the surety of capital for gratifying their needs. Gradually we moved to aggregating the groups in order to benefit the economies of scale and providing enhanced bargaining powers to the aggregation. The scope has now grown beyond these with the perspective changing to looking at the aggregation of groups as tools and medium for channelling developmental initiatives to a larger number of people within limited resources & in more comprehensive manner. The SHG’s are now seen as an ideal idea for connecting with the larger number of communities, enabling them in sharing and growing their resources for improving their quality of life & facilitating their emergence as vibrant community based organizations for working for the larger benefit of their region.

With this understanding, Shramik Bharti has incorporated the SHG’s as fulcrum of majority of its programmes and also aggregating the groups formed into SHG federations. Accordingly the energies of the centre are dedicated to its objective fostering people’s institutions. We envision SHG federations functioning as community based financial institutions in next 3-5 years in our operational area.

Boond Bachat
SHG Federations

Livelihood Promotion

Institutionalizing livelihood promotion for checking the ever-increasing vulnerability of small and marginal farmers, the landless and the youth has emerged as key agenda for Shramik Bharti in past few years. With an objective of promulgating regionally relevant, long term and strategically planned alternate sources of income for its stakeholders, Shramik Bharti is bringing similar interventions under the umbrella of Sub centre of Livelihood Promotion. The interventions are once again focused on SB’s primary beneficiaries i.e. women and are based on the premise that initially women from Shramik Bharti’s target group need to be introduced to only such economic activities which can easily be managed along-with their daily routine and don’t require high technical skills. Efforts for establishing vertical and horizontal linkages for the beneficiaries’ esp. provision of market for products and services are key components for each of the interventions undertaken.

Eri Silk
Sodic Land Reclamation

Community Health

Economic development of the society does not lead to improvement in quality of living until and unless the community is able to imbibe the benefits of economic betterment. Health care especially in developing countries remains a issue of key concern because is continues to absorb a major portion of income of the poor and marginalized communities. With this belief Shramik Bharti since its has been working to promote the adaptation of affordable and sustainable interventions in communities where death rates are highest and people have limited access to known, life-saving interventions. With an objective of synergising its interventions in the area of health care especially maternal and child health care, Shramik Bharti brought its health related programmes under the aegis of Community Health with primary objectives of :

? Developing and implementing model building replicable programmes in health care with focus on maternal and child health.
? Ensuring community partnership and ownership for brining component of sustainability in all the initiatives of the organisation in health care.
? Institutionalise client-focussed approach with emphasis on meeting individual needs and empowering clients to make decisions & engage in behaviours that improve their reproductive health.

With these doctrines forming the core of various intervention of the centre, it is assumed that Shramik Bharti will be able to create models of health care which are owned and managed by the community.

Family Planning & Reproductive Health
Adopt A Granny

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