Sodic Land Reclamation

Land is one of the biggest resources of communities – especially for over 2/3rd of who reside in the rural areas and are solely dependent upon the land for their livelihoods. When a marginal or even a small farmer looses a tract of his land to salinity it is treated equivalent to death of an earning members. With deforestation and increased use of canals for irrigation, large tracts of cultivatable land are being continuously rendered worthless due to salinity. Kanpur is further plagued by industrial toxic and wastes being continuously pumped deep into soil, which spoils the agricultural land & thus deprives the farmers of a sustained source of livelihood. Our efforts for reclaiming the wastelands for making them available for cultivation are now over a decade old.

Shramik Bharti after identifying the patches of land to be treated facilitates the farmers staking the land in forming a water user group. The water user group is then helped in treating the land using gypsum & structured irrigation – drainage to rid the land of salinity in the soil. Democratic process is followed with community forming a site implementation committee which makes all the critical decisions regarding project inputs and investments. For supporting the farmers Shramik Bharti is creating a cadre of service providers in agriculture, animal husbandry, health etc. A total of 96 villages in Kanpur are being presently covered under the programme. 10 Agricultural service centre’s covering 33 villages & 22 Usar Suchna Kendra’s have been established under the project. A total of 1148 water user groups (WUG’s), 207 women SHG’s & 145 Male SHG’s have been formed under the project so far. The groups are all linked with banks for enabling access to credit for their various needs. The project has also facilitated establishment of 4 farmers colleges covering 34 villages and 475 members. Access to credit is again facilitated for the farmers by enabling them in getting the Kisan Credit Cards from banks. Focus of the project is also on enabling the beneficiaries in accessing facilities being extended by other state departments & accordingly access to livestock vaccination, sanitation facilities, insurance schemes, adult pension, pump-sets (both on credit and in cash) is facilitated.

Key Achievements of Sodic Land Reclamation Programme

Land Reclaimed 4225 hectares
No. of farmers covered 10812
No. of villages covered 95
No. of Water User Groups Formed 831
No. of Women SHG’s formed 207
No. of WSHG’s linked with banks 105
No. of members in WSHG’s 1460
No. of Male SHG’s formed 144
No. of MSHG’s linked with banks 35
No. of members in MSHG’s 1151
Agri & AH Animators Trained 96
No. of WSHG Members involved in income generating activities 592

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