Empowering People with Disability


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Program for People with Disability (PwD)

Disability has a negative connotation that extends beyond its definition, which includes impairments, activity limits, and participation restrictions. Disabled people’s attitudes and the degree of social exclusion they experience are manifested in actions that vary greatly depending on the kind of impairment and various social, community, and familial factors. The impact of an individual’s position, as well as the type and degree of his or her handicap, and, in particular, his or her gender, can be tremendous.

The skills of handicapped individuals are generally undervalued in society. In India, disabled individuals are mainly caught in a cycle of poverty and social marginalization. They begin to question their own talents because they are underestimated and devalued by others, and the image of the handicapped person as a passive victim becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. In our decades of development work, Shramik Bharti has created an inclusive approach and weaves this awareness to disability issues into our programmes. We connect our fundamental goal of marginalized people’s empowerment by framing it as a “cross-cutting problem” that necessitates a multilateral approach to better the lives of handicapped people.


Eye care Program for visually impaired:

Traditionally, people born with vision impairment and other associated disabilities have had a difficult existence and are sometimes shunned from society, as part of the Community Health programme. Shramik Bharti began an innovative programme for blind rehabilitation in 2008, aiding in raising awareness about eye-related illnesses and diseases, as well as integrating them into village life. Shakti Mahila Samiti, a self-sustaining Federation in Rasoolabad Block, runs a Vision Centre. With the active engagement and assistance of Self-Help Groups, it has been essential in raising knowledge about different government programmes for handicapped persons and assisting them in obtaining benefits from those schemes.

Livelihood Programs for Person with Disability:

A person’s capacity to earn a living is greatly impacted by disability. People with impairments have challenges in finding work that pays well. This is largely due to societal prejudice and stigma, as well as a widespread unfavorable perception that individuals with disabilities are either unable to work or cannot be accommodated at work.
Shramik Bharti’s Livelihood Programs (Hyperlink) has offered handicapped individuals with self-employment possibilities through its solar lantern charging stations in order to establish a decent living for them. These units are located in Kanpur Dehat’s Maitha, Akbarpur, and Rasoolabad Blocks, as well as Kanpur Nagar’s Shivrajpur Block.
Many of these Solar Lantern Charging Stations are maintained and managed by individuals with disabilities, mostly women who are handicapped and impoverished. Blind people maintain 23 solar mobile charging stations in Kanpur Nagar’s Rasoolabad Block.

Promoting Social protection & Financial Inclusion of People with Disabilities:

Those with disabilities have the same financial needs as people without impairments, yet they are frequently left out of these programmes.

Disabled women are encouraged to participate in Self Help Groups at Shramik Bharti. People with disabilities are financially empowered through micro-credit programmes as a consequence of this project, which leads to increased confidence and self-esteem. This also provides social protection at the community level.


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