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Empowering People with Disability

Program for People with Disability (PwD)

There is an inherent connotation associated with disability that is beyond the scope of its definition which covers impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. Attitudes towards disabled people and the degree of social exclusion faced by disabled people manifest in actions and vary widely depending on the type of impairment and different social, community and family dynamics. magnifies enormously according to an individual’s status, as well as the type and severity of the impairment and, in particular, his or her gender.
There is little appreciation in the society of the abilities of disabled people. Disabled people in India largely remain trapped in a vicious circle of poverty and social exclusion. Underestimated and undervalued by others, they begin to doubt their own abilities and the image of the disabled person as a passive victim becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Shramik Bharti has developed an inclusive perspective in our decades of development work and weave this sensitivity of disability considerations in our programs. We intersect our core agenda of empowerment of marginalized people by embodying it as a “cross-cutting issue” that requires a multilateral approach to improve the conditions of disabled individuals.

Eye care Program for visually impaired:

As a part of the Community Health initiative, Traditionally persons born with visual impairment and other related disabilities lead a tough life and often actually ostracized from society. In 2008 Shramik Bharti started an innovative program for rehabilitation of blind and assisting in increasing awareness about eye related disorders and diseases and including them into the village life like the rest of the people in the community. A Vision Centre is being run by Shakti Mahila Samiti(Hyperlink), a self-sustained Federation in Rasoolabad Block. It has been instrumental in increasing awareness about various government schemes for disabled people and helped them to avail the benefits of those schemes with the active involvement & support of Self Help Groups.

Livelihood Programs for Person with Disability:

Disability significantly impacts on a person’s potential to earn a living. People with disabilities face barriers to securing decent livelihoods. This is primarily due to social discrimination and stigma, a pervasive negative view that people with disabilities are either unable to work or cannot be accommodated in the workplace.
In order to provide a dignified life to disabled people, Shramik Bharti within the purview of its Livelihood Programs (Hyperlink)has provided self-employment opportunities to disabled people through its solar lantern charging stations. These units are established in Maitha, Akbarpur and Rasoolabad Blocks of Kanpur Dehat and Shivrajpur Block of Kanpur Nagar District.
Many of these Solar Lantern Charging Stations are being run & managed by disabled people, largely disabled & destitute women. In Rasoolabad Block of Kanpur Nagar, 23 Solar Mobile Charging Stations are managed by blind individuals.

Promoting Social protection & Financial Inclusion of People with Disabilities:

People with disabilities have the same needs for financial services as people without disabilities but are often excluded from these initiatives.

At Shramik Bharti, we encourage the participation of disabled women in Self Help Groups. Through this initiative, people with disabilities are being empowered financially through micro-credit initiatives that result in enhanced confidence and self-esteem. This also provides social protection at the community level.

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