Khilti Kaliyan

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Khilti Kaliyan

When COVID-19 lockdown was declared, we initially focused on providing immediate relief to families with food and ration. We noticed that economic distress led to increased incidences of domestic violence and negatively impacted girls education. Therefore, we have launched the initiative Khilti Kaliyan with the aim of keeping girls in education. This effort has been made possible with the support of a few close friends.

Young people all over the world have hopes and dreams. However, at the best of times, poverty, gender norms, early marriage, and safety concerns impede girls’ education and ability to achieve their full potential.


The year 2020 was difficult for the whole world. In India, the government announced a nationwide lockdown in March 2020 to contain the spread of COVID-19. The economic disruption that followed had a disproportionate impact on girls and their education.  As daily wage laborers, small shop owners, domestic servants, taxi, truck, auto drivers, and
low salaried employees became unemployed, girls’ education was negatively impacted. With resources scarce, underprivileged families restricted the expense of girls’ education. 
The pandemic forced millions of girls out of schools and colleges. Without urgent action, there are fears that many girls may never return to the classroom.

We at Shramik Bharti are determined to keep as many vulnerable girls as possible in schools, preparing them for a future in which they realize their full potential. Hence, our program is Khilti Kaliyan (Let Every Bud Blossom).

Khilti Kaliyan aims to assist in the education of girls from underprivileged families. We select academically inclined and meritorious girls from the poorest families. We give preference to girls from women-headed families as well as to those from marginalized communities. In its first batch (2020-21), the program supported eight girls and in our second year (2021-22) we aim to expand to 20 girls.

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