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Promoting Quality Education

Education is a driving factor of progress and development in our modern society and it is widely understood that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Right to Education widely ensures children a right to free and compulsory education but what it fails to account for is “Quality Education” that requires creation of infrastructure and environment conducive to a learning environment.
Shramik Bharti’s education interventions are aimed towards holistic development through innovation in learning process, enhancement of infrastructure and capacity-building of stakeholders.Currently, we are working in Uttar Pradesh in the districts of Barabanki, Fatehpur, Chandauli & Bhadohi; and in Punjab in the districts of Firozpur, Amritsar and Taran Taran, to improve teaching learning atmosphere in government schools. Our interventions are based on needs-assessment insights and projects are designed to adopt innovative learning tools and techniques and adapt to the current challenges in Indian education system.

The children are the key stakeholders of any education intervention. We aim our efforts to promote education in multi-pronged way which includes setting up of libraries that could inculcate the habit of reading and curiosity amongst the children. We promote sports to incorporate physical and social skills amongst the children by engaging children in sports activity during school hours by providing sports material. To engage the students, art workshops are organized to inculcate aesthetics and abstract thinking amongst the children. Developing kitchen gardens within the school premises for growing safe & fresh vegetables for children allows better nutrition to be incorporated in the mid-day meals.

 Minor infrastructure work such as floor repairing, toilet repairing, hand pump platform and soak pit construction, hand wash unit, flag hosting platform repairing, repairing of kitchen floor and cemented blackboard have to be carried out to ensure the sustenance of a learning environment. Ensuring infrastructure capacity aids interventions related to preventions of drop-outs in primary education institutions.

 Joyful Learning is part of our initiative to enhance the capacities of teachers and volunteers through workshops through innovative teacher learning materials, exposure visits and support through the education volunteers. Shramik Bharti invests in participatory approach with the communities we work in to ensure the sustainability and incorporating the local context within the project purview.

 Shramik Bharti collaborated with Playground Ideas to build playground in two government primary schools in the districts of Fatehpur and Bhadohi of Uttar Pradesh. This engaging and innovative initiative was built by repurposing old tyres and locally available materials to promote fun physical activity among rural children.

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