Promotion of Renewable Energy Resources

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Due to rising stress on increasingly depleting fossil fuels and the stress of the environmental impact these destructive emissions cause, promoting renewable energy sources has emerged as a significant requirement. The consequences are becoming increasingly obvious, and they are significantly improving.
Solar energy has a special role to play in improving access to cleaner energy in remote areas. The positive potential of Solar Energy is not only in its availability, but it also assumes great significance against a background of addressing poverty reduction, environmental concerns, livelihood issues and the overall quality of life.
Since 2011 Shramik Bharti has been investing efforts to promote clean/renewable energy among rural communities in Uttar Pradesh & Punjab. Contributing towards Sustainable Development Goal (SGD) 7, we are committed to ensure access to clean, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions such as solar energy to deprived communities.

Solar Lantern Charging & Mobile Charging Stations

Since 2011, Shramik Bharti in collaboration with TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute) has promoted Renewable Energy in underprivileged communities. With a valued partner like TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute), Solar Lantern Charging & Mobile Charging Stations were set up initially in villages of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Federations of Self-Help Groups promoted by Shramik Bharti owned these initiatives as livelihood options for most deprived people comprising disabled, widows and elderly.
Shramik Bharti has installed integrated Solar Home Lighting Systems in 21 villages and 4 districts of Uttar Pradesh with the support of HDFC Bank. A total of 3775 households benefited. This integrated system comprises Smokeless Cookstoves, three Solar light points and a mobile charger.

Initiatives in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab

Solar systems are uniquely placed to run Agro Processing units of Farmer Producer Organizations in Fatehpur and Kanpur districts of Uttar Pradesh, Community Radio Station in Kanpur Dehat, a Library, and a school in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand.
Our Renewable Energy bouquet has impacted the lives of more than 20000+ people, particularly women and children in rural Uttar Pradesh and Punjab by enhancing their access to clean light and fuel for domestic, education, farm, and business activities.
Shramik Bharti is also promoting Solar Irrigation Pumps and has installed 10 pumps in villages of Punjab. Also, 98 solar street lights installed in 12 villages and 2 districts of Punjab and streets of 21 villages of Uttar Pradesh are lit with installation of 255 solar street lights. In addition to these 240 households in these districts of Punjab and 2310 households of these Uttar Pradesh villages and districts were given in natural draft biomass cook stoves to reduce indoor air pollution.
In partnership with TERI, we expanded our reach to neighboring state Uttarakhand where we have also facilitated the installation of five AC solar grids, 3 in Shivrajpur block and two in the new block of Kanpur Nagar benefiting nearly hundred electricity deprived households. These activities are done with the help of Shramik Bharti foundation, our group organisation. A one-month green skill development program for youths was also organized with participation of 32 girls and boys from urban slums and villages of Kanpur.

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