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Promotion of Renewable Energy

Every Community has energy needs to fuel and fulfill their choices, possibilities, and potential of an individual. Many countries have developed leaps and bounds as they are energy-rich and as we and our communities progress, consciousness towards sustainable and green energy is clearly the way to our future.

Promoting renewable energy sources has emerged as the need of the hour due to increased stress on the rapidly-vanishing fossil fuels and the strain of the environmental impact these harmful emissions create. The consequences are becoming extremely evident and are drastically enhancing the devastating impacts of climate change.

Solar energy has a special role to play in improving access to cleaner energy in remote areas. The positive potential of Solar Energy is not only in its availability but it also assumes great significance against a background of addressing poverty reduction, environmental concerns, livelihood issues and the overall quality of life.

Since 2011, Shramik Bharti in collaboration with TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute) has promoted Renewable Energy in underprivileged communities. Shramik Bharti and TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute) together has lighted the villages through their initiative of installing 128 Solar lantern Charging Stations & 50 Solar Micro-Grids in rural Kanpur.

Shramik Bharti and the Self Help Group Federations have identified and are capitalizing on this opportunity as a livelihood option for destitute young widows, disabled persons, elderly, Dalits and the impoverished. 23 Solar Mobile Charging Stations are managed by blind persons in Rasoolabad block.

Shramik Bharti has installed 2310 Integrated Solar Home Lighting Systems in 21 villages of Barabanki, Bhadohi, Chandauli and Fatehpur districts of Uttar Pradesh with the support of HDFC Bank. This integrated system comprises Smokeless Cookstoves, three Solar light points and a mobile charger.

Adding to this, 240 Households in 12 villages of Punjab are using clean energy through installation of Biomass cook stoves.

Streets of 21 villages of Uttar Pradesh and 12 villages of Punjab are lighted with   installation of 150 and 98 solar street lights respectively.

Shramik Bharti is also promoting Solar Irrigation Pumps and installed 10 pumps in villages of Punjab.

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